As you become a well-dressed man you realize it’s not all just about nice clothes. There are some things going on behind the scenes that make that polish appearance possible.

Here are the 10 most common items I use and recommend for keeping you maintained as a well-dressed man.

  1. Deo-go: Removes the yellow stains from sweat and deodorant chemical reaction.
  2. Tide to go: Instant stain remover while you’re out and about. Keep this at arms reach.
  3. Thompson Tee: No more wet armpits due to sweat.
  4. Shirt Stay: Keep your shirts neatly tucked.
  5. Garment Steamer: Quickly get the wrinkles out without ironing.
  6. Shoe Horn: Get you foot in your shoes with ease and without damage.
  7. Shoe Trees: Keeps your shoes in great shape, literally and dry.
  8. Trouser Hanger: Keep your crease and remove wrinkles with these hangers.
  9. Lint Roller: Remove lint and dirt stuck to your garment.
  10. Shoe Repair: Keep your shoes maintained and help them hold up for years.
  11. No Shoe socks: Go “sockless” while keeping your feet dry.

Some of these tools really changed my life. After reading this we should ever see you with wet armpits…right!?

Many of these items will help you maintain not only your appearance but your wardrobe. If you want to learn more about how to begin dressing well, sign up below for you free Entrepreneurs’ Guide To Dressing Well.